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Outboard Motor Storage Bracket 31st March 2015 


Presented here is the smart solution to the storage of a small outboard motor in a garage or shed for 49.95 including p & p ( ordering information is at the bottom of this page).

Outboard motors of up to thirty kilograms or sixty six pounds in weight can be stored securely mounted on a wall, taking up less floor area if space is a premium and looks neater too.

The majority of boat owners like to keep there equipment in mechanical and visual good order!
As an outboard motor is top heavy, they can be accidentally knocked over quite easily, if just leant up against a wall or other items.

Damage to the cowling, castings and propeller can be expensive for replacement parts on modern engines and on older obsolete engines very hard to find.

Outboard engine wall bracket


These smaller outboard motors are very popular with many boat owners
A well looked after engine can command a good resale price on the second hand market, thus making them a target for criminals. Statistics show high thefts for these sought after smaller engines, whether stolen from the craft or when stored on shore.

The motor can be secured to the bracket with many forms of available security products, to make theft harder.The longer the time it takes remove, the more chance they will give up.

I recommend the cable locks with the built in alarms, as any tampering with the bracket or motor will set off an ear piecing siren.

outboard security

Outboard engine flushing out

You can flush out the engine after use mounted on the bracket rather than mounting the engine on the side of a plastic bin, not being very stable.

The bracket can be mounted outside near to a tap to make this task easier.

Outboard flushing out

Outboard Motor Maintaince

You can do service work on the engine as the bracket allows three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation of the motor.

out board maintance

Bracket Construction

The bracket is made from steel of a robust thickness and weighs three and a half kilograms or eight pounds. It is fully welded and will support an outboard engine weight and size greater then what it is designed for, as in the picture below.

Chrysler outboard

Ordering Information

The cost for each bracket is 49.95 which includes post and packing for England and Wales.Fixings are included with each bracket to suit wood or masonry installation.

Please inquire for a shipping price to other locations.

Currently have these brackets in stock, which are powder coated in black or blue.

Payment is either by bank transfer or cheque of which details are sent out on inquiry.

Contact: Freephone 0870 011 3118, please leave message on answer phone.

Email link at bottom of this page.

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