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24th July 2014 
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It's nice to be near the job, but not with your nose touching !

  • How about working on your car in a better position, with less back and neck strain?

  • The Restoration car ramp was predominantly designed for the home user to make restoration and maintainace tasks more of a pleasure than a chore.

  • Greater access to the underbody chassis and mechanical components is achieved than useing other methods to raise vehicles within the confines of a home garage or workshop with a low roof height.

  • The Restoration car ramp will raise vehicles twenty five inchs or sixty three centimeters off the ground and includes a jacking beam and jacks to allow removal of front or rear wheels to work on brakes and suspension.

  • The ramp is infinlty adjustable in width from the track of a Classic Mini to a wide off roader or classic saloon car.

Work smart, not hard !

Mini Classic

Work sitting down, not lying down


Change your brake pads or wheel bearings standing up

Jack Beam 2

Work underneath your dashboard, standing on your feet, not on your head !


Use in a single width garage.

AK Cobra

For quicker access to the underside, just use the two main angled units

The ramps are modular in design and consist of four units which can be used partly setup for tasks such as cleaning, oilchanges and exhaust section replacement.

Porsche on angled units

Use at an angle

The ramps used at an angle gives you thirty two inchs / eighty three centimeters of height from tread to ground plus adding the ground clearence of the vehicle, for this Landrover 90 this equals to over three feet / one meter.

Landrover 90

Use outside in the sunshine

To raise the ramp to the level position a standard trolley jack with fifty two centimeters of lift is all that is needed to operate, thus the ramps can be used outside where there is firm and level ground.

Jaguar MK2

Low cars

A Lotus Esprit with three inches or seventy five milimeters of ground clearance can use the ramps, also other low cars such as the Ferrari 308 GTS and 355, Chevrolet Corvette C3, Porsche 911 ( air and water cooled ) TVR all models and many other cars that are low or have been lowered from factory road height.

Lotus Esprit

Cars can be stored permantly on the car ramp over the winter months or when not in use for a long period of time.
By having the car elavated from the ground, air flow is much better in a damp enviroment to help combat corrosion and also may help if your live in a flood risk area.