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Car Ramp Plans UK

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It’s nice to be near the job, but not with your nose touching!

Using the traditional method to raise a vehicle for the home mechanic, utilizing a trolley jack and axle stands has many drawbacks.

The most predominate issue arise's from the lack of space, to comfortably and safely manoeuvre or contort your body underneath the vehicle.
Working in a confined space, takes its toll on our bodies over a period of time, back and neck strain, grazed knuckles, and many bruises are common from just trying to perform a simple task on the underside of a vehicle.

Many modern day vehicles have under trays fitted to the engine bay region and some completely cover the entire under chassis, from front to back.They need to be removed first, to uncover the cross members or axles to provide a good location for the saddle of the trolley jack and the location of the axle stands to rest on.


All factory built vehicles normally come with four lifting points located on the sill area. When you take your vehicle to a professional garage for an MOT, service or for a tyre change, they will have a varied range of lifting equipment, to quickly and efficiently raise the vehicle up to the required height to do the work. One and two post lifts have arms that swing out and locate on the lifting points.
Scissor lifts can lift either on the sills or as the common four post lift, all four wheels.

The picture below shows a modern professional tyre and wheel fitting company located in London in the UK, using American manufactured high-quality scissor lifts, which have been flush-fitted into the floor, so to accommodate any low ground clearance hyper performance cars, like Ferrari, Lamborghini or for ultra low race or track cars.

Large scissor lift

How about working on your vehicle in a much better position, rather than just flat out!

Yes! that sounds good, if I had the money and space, I would build a large workshop and kit it out with the equipment like the trades people use.
As I only have a very small percentage of both of the above, are there any viable options?

The answer to that question is a big YES!

This car ramp was designed for the car enthusiast, to restore, maintain and cherish their pride and joys in the comfort of their home garage and can even be used outside.

The car ramp plans are available for 35.00 GBP.

If you are competent at welding, you can either build these yourself or have them made for you by a local fabrication shop.

Once the car ramps have been constructed, you will greatly benefit from the improved height of twenty-five inches or sixty-three centimetres of ground clearance, measured from the ground to the tread.

E type 1

E type 2

E Type underside

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Outboard Motor Wall Storage Bracket UK

You can easily buy wall brackets to store your bicycles, ladders and tools in your garage or workshop.

You can buy outboard engine locks to secure your engine to the transom of your boat.

Now you can buy this purpose designed, outboard motor wall storage bracket to store your small outboard motor / engine, neater and more securely in your garage or workshop for 49.95 GBP.

Chrysler outboard

Protect your valuable outboard motor when in storage!

The majority of boat owners like to keep there equipment in mechanical and visual good order!
As an outboard motor is top heavy, they can be accidentally knocked over quite easily, if just leant up against a wall or other object.

Damage to the cowling or castings as seen in the picture below can be expensive for repair costs and replacement parts on modern engines and on older obsolete engines very hard to find.

Damaged Outboard

Prevent theft

Many forms of aftermarket security products can be additional utilised to secure the outboard engine / motor to the wall storage bracket. With a cable lock or padlock and chain wrapped around the bracket and outboard engine, this will hopefully deter the would-be thief from even attempting to steal it in the first place.

outboard security

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