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Car Ramp Construction Plans UK
Car Ramp Construction Plans UK 7th July 2015 


This innovative car ramp design has subtly evolved over the last decade and was solely designed for the home user in mind. Many of the design features of these ramps, stemmed from good ideas from people who own vehicles from the vintage era right up to modern day vehicles.

The cost of shipping for these ramps in ready built form, has always been prohibitive. Due to the amount of interest from around the world, these construction plans are now available to buy.

Following the detailed plans, which include many drawings, photo's and constructional notes, you will hopefully end up with a very useful piece of equipment, which should service your requirements for many years to come as portrayed on this page.

The car ramp construction plans cost 27.00 UK pounds.

  • How about working on your car in a better position, with less back and neck strain?

  • Stand up to work on your brakes, stand on your feet, not on your head to work under your dash and sit or kneel down to work underneath the chassis.

  • This car ramp was predominantly designed for the home user to make restoration and maintenance tasks more of a pleasure than a chore.

  • Greater access to the under body chassis and mechanical components is achieved than using other traditional methods to raise vehicles within the confines of a home garage or workshop with a low roof height.

  • This car ramp will raise vehicles twenty five inches or sixty three centimetres off the ground and incorporates a clever, but simple jacking system, to allow removal of the front or rear wheels to work on the braking and suspension components.

  • The ramp is infinity adjustable in width from the narrow track of a Classic Mini to the wide track of an SUV.

Work smart, not hard!

Car Ramp Construction Plans UK #01

Work sitting down, not lying down

Car Ramp Construction Plans UK #02

Car Ramp Construction Plans UK #03

Change your brake pads, discs or wheel bearings standing up

Car Ramp Construction Plans UK #04

Use in a single width garage.

Car Ramp Construction Plans UK #05

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