Information and Prices

Restoration Ramps, UK

Information and Prices
27th February 2015 

Restoration Ramp Prices

Please note the following price's exclude delivery, which is calculated on distance travelled for a round trip for England and Wales, please supply postcode on enquiry.
Further delivery information for other regions is at the bottom of this page.

Restoration Ramp, supplied in bare metal for 1045.00

Powder coated in a choice of colours, blue, red, green, grey or black add 155.00

Additional 4ft extension lead up ramps, supplied in bare metal 75.00 or 95.00 for powder coated.
See notes on their use, further down this page.

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Key Features

Safe working load of 2000kg, max wheelbase of 10ft / 300cm and tyre width of 16 inches / 410mm.

Ground clearence to the underside of the tread is 25 inches / 63cm.

A fully adjustable jacking beam is supplied with two jacks to raise the front or rear of the car off of the ramps to allow removal of wheels, brakes and suspension.

Ramps split into four modular units, two of 8ft / 245cm and two of 4ft / 122cm.

A mobilty skate is included for one man setup.

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Additional Information

You will need a trolley jack with a lift of at least 48cm to operate the ramps.

If you do not own one, we recommend Machine Marts CTJ 3000G with 52cm of lift priced at 101.99 order code 020113030.

Extended lead up ramps

Standard length leadup ramps of 4ft provide a shallow angle of ascent onto the ramps for ninty percent of cars, additional 4ft ramps to make a 8ft leadup ramp are an extra option for the other ten.

These are for use with ultra low ground clearence cars, ie standard cars that have been lowered below 5in / 100mm and performance sports cars down to 3inches / 75mm.

In other cases we have supplied these where there is a slope going up or down into a garage.

Ninty percent of all the ramps we have sold did not need the extra ramps. If you think you may need them, we will bring them along on delivery.

This optional only applies to ramps that are delivered by us and not for oversea's orders.

Information and Prices #03

The ramps will fit into a standard single garage with depth of at least 14ft and a height of at least 7ft / 2.14m for cars with a roof height of around 4 1/2 - 5 feet.

In the tilted position ( before the car is driven up ) the very front of the ramp is 32in / 83cm off of the ground, this may help you in measuring your space.

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Information and Prices #05

Ease of Operation - Step 1

Drive car up the ramp.

You can make slight adjustments to alignment as you drive up as each side of the ramp is 410mm wide.

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Step 2

Tilt ramp to level position using your own trolley jack.

Once the ramp is level, clamp on the four support posts, two each side.

The lifting system can be removed for clear access if desired.

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Step 3

Once the ramp is in the level position, the jacking beam and jacks can be placed on the ramps to raise the front or back of the car up, so the wheels, brakes and suspension can be removed.

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Ordering and Delivery information

All ramps are made to order, a deposit by bank transfer or cheque secures order with final balance taken on delivery or before shipping date.

Delivery times vary depending on work load and all customers are kept informed of progress of their order.

Please note we do not ship to North America, the far East or Austraila due to the high cost of transport to these countries.The ramps take up the space of four pallets and the total consignment weight is in the region of 250kg / 550lbs.

A rough guide to shipping costs are:

Aberdeen ( centre ) 230.00

Londonderry ( centre ) N.I. 358.00

South West France 350.00

Quite a few locations in the UK are delivered by us upto three hundred miles radius of London.
Please supply postcode on inquiry.