Happy Customers

Restoration Ramps, UK

Happy Customers
1st March 2015 

A selection of customers pride and joys on the Restoration car ramp

E type from Scotland

In concours condition.

Happy Customers #01

TVR Tuscan from mid Wales

This TVR owners club purchased the ramps not so much to work on the car, but as to protect it from our variable British climate.

Please view second picture down to see why!

This is a Tuscun S 2003 model with the TVR factory built 4.2 400hp engine.

Happy Customers #02

Flood !

When the rain eventully stopped there was close to sixteen inches of water in the garage.
Luckly the car was removed from the garage long before this picture was taken and suffered no water damage.

Now the car is permanently stored on the car ramp, tread to ground height of 25in / 63.5cm. to aid piece of mind.

Happy Customers #03

MG RV8 from South Wales

Happy Customers #04

Customer from Edinburgh, with nice 928S, also owns a Volvo V70 T5R and a huge american pickup truck.

Happy Customers #05

Jaguar XKR from Shropshire

Well cared for XKR convertable four litre supercharged, owned by Mr Lowe from Shropshire.

The car has had subtle engine, suspension and bodywork modifications all done by Paramount Performance Limited.

This car needed the additional four foot leadup ramps as ground clearence is lower than factory standard.

Happy Customers #06

VW Camper van from Cheshire

Very rare VW Camper 23 window model, right hand drive, one of only 14 remaining worldwide.

Was once a European show winner!

Happy Customers #07

Mercedes 320CDI Estate from Kent

Happy Customers #08

Cobra kitcar built by Mr Graham from Essex

All the mechancal, electrical and paintwork was completed by the owner

Happy Customers #09

Ferrari 308 GTS from Cambridgeshire

Happy Customers #10

Jowett Jupiter owned by a Mr Woodford near Bath

This car was built in 1952 and are now quite rare. The body panels were hand crafted from aluminium, which is mounted on a very strong tubular chassis, probaly made by Brunel!
The engine is a flat four 1500cc, which is mounted in front of the radiator.

Happy Customers #11

Sebring V8 from The Lake District

Mr Harrison could not use a normal trolley jack to raise his car because of the low ground clearence issues.

The car has been featured in many kit car magazines and has won concour awards as well.

Happy Customers #12

Austin Healey from Somerset

Mr Richards maintains all of his cars himself including a Porche 911 and a vintage hill climbing car.

Happy Customers #13