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25th July 2024 

Links of interest

'The Welders Warehouse'
Sells all forms of welding equipment and consumables at a very keen price with exceptional customer service.

'Classic Car Insurance'
Established in 1984, Lancaster Insurance has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the classic vehicle insurance market.

'Road Haulage Services'
Advice and prices are given for dedicated transportation of Chassis / Cars throughout the UK and Europe. We are experienced importing and exporting cars and car parts and would be more than happy to assist your project.

'LB Restorations Services'
A family run company selling good quality restoration tools.

'Auto Balm Car Wax'
This British company produces and sells the best car wax I have ever used, the finest does not have to be the most expensive!
They have many other great products including award winning wheel cleaner, which also smells nice as well, and other protective metal coating and rust inhibiting fluids.

Speedshift Pallet Delivery

A good company for transporting anything that will fit on a pallet, engines, gearboxes etc.

'Garage Interior Products'

Dura Garages are Europe’s leading provider of Garage
Interior products including Garage Storage, Garage Flooring and Wall
Mounted Storage

Stock a large range of fixings for your project.

Bespoke website design for car dealers and the motor trade.

'Garage Dehumidifiers'

This company sells a vast range of dehumidifiers for home, garage/workshop and commercial use.
Helps eradicate the dreaded condensation that builds up in chassis box sections and interiors over the winter period.

'Nuts and Bolts for Classic Cars'
We are a UK manufacturer and distributor of fasteners, specialising in harder to find
imperial thread forms that are found in classic cars, such as BSF, BSW
(Whitworth) UNC and UNF. We hold the UK's largest stocks of BSF and BSW.

'Motor Web'
If you would like your own website and like myself are a novice on website design, then these people will help you out and it will not cost you the earth.

' Exotic Car Images '

'Practical Classics'
Britain's favorite classic car magazine

'Piston heads'
A massive site for all petrol heads.

'Rio Prestige'
Make your dreams come true, if only for one day! Hire and drive the world's most prestigious super and luxury cars, including Zonda, Lamborgini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and much more.

Start saving now and treat yourself!

'PFS Parts Ltd'
A friendly and helpful company supplying standard and performance parts for all Volvo and Saab cars.

'Speedy Registrations'

Personalised Number Plates

Speedy Registrations

Speedy Registrations have been supplying number plates to the public since 1984. We pride ourselves in our highly competitive prices, matched equally by our professional customer care service.

' Autostyle '
Tailor Made Quality Car Mats for all makes of cars, that seem well priced.